Hey there!

My name is Philipp and I am a Toronto-based Graphic Designer and Visual Artist. In over 15 years of experience in identity design, logo design, and visual arts, my clients range from local and independent businesses to international brands such as Louis Vuitton, Esquire, and Martini. I also have served as an in-house creative designer/art director for an international company specialized in the development and management of touristic towns and real estate.

My aim is always to create vibrant, meaningful, and effective visual communication elements that elevate and illuminate the brand values and business goals. Clients appreciate my talent for brand visuals which easily translate to flexible and innovative brand tools across multiple media. My focus is always on aligning purpose, creating impact, and sharing experiences — from strategy to visualization to reality.

Let me also highlight my own initiative to introduce contemporary art, visual impact, and creativity at a community level in Egypt with the opening in 2015 of the very first Street Art Museum in El Gouna, Egypt, which included my original artwork and workshops.

And, yes, I have three P’s in my name.