Maison de Marie x Phil

Collaboration with Maison de Marie, a fashion brand from Moscow


Maison de Marie creates vibrant, contemporary, brilliantly crafted clothing for modern women who aren’t afraid to be slick and stylish, colorful and experimental. Together we came up with a classic-inspired cut coat complemented with bold graphics of embroidered badges.


Each badge represents the main statement of the collection: LOVE-EAT-DANCE-CREATE.
Venus Illustration
Lips illustration
Antique Illustration
Picasso Inspired Illustration
Zap Illustration
Banana Pop Art Illustration
Note Pop Art Illustration

The Coat

It’s a dare-to-wear piece which can be a nightmare for a stiff librarian but a huge turn on for a true fashionista. If you are anything but a boring type of person this is exactly what you are looking for.
Coat - Photo

What I did